The dimension table is provided as a reference showing the comparison between flow rate and dimension based on the actual results so far.

If the material is SS material, the model is BM-XX. ○○○ represents the flow rate for 1 minute. If the material is SUS, the model is BC-○○. The coater type is BC-XX and the sanitary type is BS-XX.

BM-26 (Flow rate: 26 l/min)
Pressure resistance: 1MPa
Material: Selected by fluid

(Material: SUS 304 Flow rate: 1500 l/min)
Pressure resistance: 1MPa

(Material: PVC Flow: 280 l/min)

(flow rate: 600 l/min)

(flow rate: 800 l/min)

Pressure resistance: 0.5Mpa
Material: SUS 316